Launch Your Token & Moon Your Project. 

Launch & Promotional Services for Trustworthy Crypto

In the world of Crypto, it’s hard to know who to trust. We created Trust Launch to help Dev teams launch, promote and grow their tokens.


Launch Your Token & Moon Your Project. 

Launch & Promotional Services for Trustworthy Crypto

Our Services

Launch Pad

Create & launch your token on Trust Launch and we’ll walk with you every step of the way to make sure your project is successful.

AMA Sessions

Get your project in front hundreds of savvy investors with the most trusted Video AMA sessions in the industry. Info Here.

Custom Merchandise & Branding

We’ve made it easy to strengthen your brand with promotional products for your project to either sell or give away to investors.

KYC & Consulting Services

Give your investors confidence with our trust-inducing KYC and our guidance to help you launch.

The Problem in Crypto

Investors are tired of getting scammed by rug pulls, and whales manipulating  projects, while Devs are tired of getting ripped off by unscrupulous vendors.

Trust Launch solves both these problems by helping trustworthy Dev Teams launch amazing tokens to serious investors so they both win.

Trust is at an all-time low in the crypto space, but when you create a token that people can get behind, there’s nothing stopping you from going to the moon.

Trust Launch was created by Devs, for Devs to help you launch & grow your project. See how we help you below.


Launch Pad 

 We’re excited to offer you a full-service launch pad to help you easily create a smart contract, launch your project, lock your liquidity, and offer investors a seemless way to take advantage of your pre-sale or fair launch.

We’ve participated in multiple launches and used other launch pads which we found confusing and hard for investors to use. We’re creating Trust Launch to be the best launch pad in the industry, carrying only the most trustworthy projects.

Our Launch Pad is in development and will be available soon.


AMAs That Create Green Candles

There’s no better place to get your message out and build trust than a transparent video AMA. We’ve paid for a ton of AMAs with our own projects and the experience was average at best. Low turnout, bots for audience members, freebie seekers, and hosts who didn’t research the project seem to be the norm. This makes many AMAs a waste of time and money.

In our AMAs we actually help you clarify your message and present in a way that inspires trust and confidence in your token and then let you present it in the best way possible to an audience of serious investors.


KYC and Launch Consulting

Having a KYC is essential but savvy investors have learned that many KYC’s don’t mean much. Some unscrupulous devs have resorted to paying someone on Fiverr to pretend they own the project. 

Our KYC is impossible to cheat and aims at being the strictest in the industry so that investors know they can trust your project when it has our KYC Label.

In addition, we offer consulting for your project so that you don’t miss a step in your launch process and that your marketing strategy is one that’s going to be the most effective. Our Launch Day consulting makes sure you have everything in order so your project gets started on the right foot.


Custom Merchandise for Your Token

We’ve made it easy for you to order custom merch for your token to use as giveaways, or additional revenue drivers for your project.

We can also help you set up your own store so that your investors can order their own gear without you having to handle a thing.

Strenghten your brand and solidify your tribe by allowing them easy access to order custom swag.

Our Benefits

A company created by Devs for Devs

We’ve launched tokens and know the challenges of winning investor trust, finding quality advertisers, and not getting scammed along the way. Our job is to help trustworthy projects get the attention they deserve without being taken for a ride.


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USA Based & Doxxed


Best-in-Industry Client Service


Integrated Innovation

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